Alexander Somin is a verified translator, reviser, and senior quality reviewer* with Translators without Borders (TWB) in the following language combinations:
– English to Russian
– German to Russian

*A Senior Quality Reviewer checks the translation samples submitted by other volunteer translators and assesses their quality by giving a score and a feedback/comment, and highlighting flaws or mistakes. This position is offered to translators who have contributed significantly to TWB’s projects and who have delivered high-quality translations consistently over time.

Aimee Ansari, Executive Director, TWB, USA



Humanitarian Translation Certificate
Alexander Somin
has contributed to the translation and revision of HRMI’s expert human rights survey from English into Russian
This is an expert survey for measuring human rights. It provides a tool for amplifying the voices of human
rights practitioners and researchers in countries around the world. The resulting data allow people
everywhere to better track and analyze the human rights performance of countries in order to help bring
about positive change.
The Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI) is working to improve the lives of people, by producing reliable, high-quality
cross-national measures of country performance on human rights, as set out in international human rights law.

Anne-Marie Brook, Humanitarian Rights Measurement Initiative Co-founder, USA



I hereby confirm that Alexander Somin has been providing proofreading and translation services to RWS since 2014 in the language pairs English into Russian and German into Russian for our patent department.
The work carried out by Alexander has always been delivered on time and to a good standard.

Karin Wiggins, IP Resource Manager, RWS Group – Translation division, UK



We are very satisfied with the quality standard of Alexander Somin services in the fields of Medical & Healthcare, Technology and Software amongst others, from German and English into Russian.
His way of communicating is appreciated by project managers. He has a very professional attitude regarding response time and meeting the deadlines.
I can therefore give my best recommendations of Alexander Somin as a translator and proofreader.

Emmanuelle Neves, Team lead of Vendor Management, LANGUAGEWIRE, Denmark



Mr. Somin has covered a wide range of subject matters from Health Benefit Letters to Operation Manuals. He is able to incorporate literal and contextual translations taking into consideration cultural nuances.
Mr. Somin has exhibited great responsibility in adhering to deadlines, responding to inquiries in a timely manner, and flexibility in accepting specialized instructions of projects.

Sandra Rueda, Vice President, Multilingual Group, USA



We have been working with Alexander Somin since September 2013. He has translated various texts from German and English into Russian for our company using Across, SDL Trados Studio, and our proprietary CAT tool that has comprehensive translation memory, glossary, and QA functions.
Topics he works in are mechanical engineering, heating and ventilation technology, agricultural machinery, and automotive.

We are pleased to confirm our satisfaction with the professional competence and translation abilities of Alexander Somin. We have found his service and translation quality to be very good.

Katharina Lübben, Vendor Manager, CLS 4-Text GmbH, Germany



Alexander Somin has worked with TransPerfect Translations since January 2014 by performing English into Russian translation and proofreading and is certified in the fields of Medical Devices, Engineering Patents and IT:Hardware.

Judith Santolaria, Director, Global Shared Services, TransPerfect, USA